"Dokdo is Our Land" Song

This will be a short post that's more like a sidenote. I would like to introduce you to a very famous Korean song about Dokdo, where the territorial dispute between Korea and Japan is still going on. (We talked about Dokdo in past three posts, so if you're new to the topic, I encourage that you read Dokdo vs. Takeshima posts before reading this one.)
This informational and nationalistic song is called "Dokdo is our land;" it has 5 verses and military hymn-sounding melody, and it was composed by Park Inho(aka Park Moon Young) in 1982, in order to increase the awareness on the issue amongst younger generation. This song has been published in Korean elementary school's textbooks beginning from 1996. (only Korean Ministry of Education publishes and provides textbooks to elementary, middle and high schools; therefore every student in the nation is using it.)
Now, here are the lyrics and their translation:
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울릉도 동남쪽 뱃길따라 이백리
80km away on the East-South from Ullengdo

외로운 섬하나 새들의 고향
There's a lonley isle for sea birds

그누가 아무리 자기네 땅이라고 우겨도
Whoever says it belongs to them,

독도는 우리땅
Dokdo is our land!

경상북도 울릉군 남면도동 일번지
Nammyeongdong 1, Ullenggeun, Kyungsangbukdo* (i)

동경 백삼십이 북위 삼십칠
East longtitude 132, North 37 degrees

평균기온 십이도 강수량은 천삼백
North 37 degrees, average temperature 12 degrees

독도는 우리땅
Dokdo is our land!
오징어 꼴뚜기 대구 명태 거북이
Cuttlefish, squid, cod, haddock, turtle

연어알 물새알 해녀대합실
salmon eggs, sea bird eggs, waiting room for women divers*(ii)

십칠만 평방미터 우물하나 분화구
170 thousand square meter, a spring a crater,

독도는 우리땅
Dokdo is our land!

지증왕 십삼년 섬나라 우산국
In the 13th year of King Jijeung*(iii),
Woosankuk, Island Country*(iv)

세종실록 지리지 오십페이지 셋째줄
On the 3rd line of page 50 in the geography book of Sejong*(v)

하와이는 미국땅 대마도는 일본땅
Hawaii is American land, Daemado is Japanese land

독도는 우리땅
but Dokdo is our land!

러일전쟁 직후에 임자없는 섬이라고
"It's an island with no owner post Russo-Japanese War,"

억지로 우기면 정말 곤란해
whoever said it, it's wrong to claim so.

신라장군 이사부 지하에서 웃는다
Shilla general Leesabu*(vi) is laughing at you in his grave

독도는 우리땅 독도는 우리땅
Dokdo is our land! (x2)

Based on English translation of Kwon Jong Hoon

* (i) Dokdo's current official address
* (ii) When Dokdo was first found by Koreans
* (iii) What Dokdo used to be called
* (iv) The things that dokdo is known for
* (v) A record that says "the Korean residents of Dokdo were asked to move to Uleungdo in 1439, the 21th year of king Sejong's reign, they refused it," which proves that Dokdo has belonged to Korea for over 500 years
* (vi) A general who conquered Ulleungdo(the closest island from Dokdo) and reverted it to Shilla dynasty
Can you feel how much Korean people care about this issue from the song? Because this song is included in school curriculum, most children can memorize the song; therefore they naturally know the detailed information about Dokdo like average temperature, local wildlife and historical references. The territory dispute over Dokdo island is beyond a simple conflict over a land; It symbolizes the rivelry between Korea and Japan, and the prides of both people.


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